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Soya Harvest in Full Swing in Northern Region.

Farmasyst Ghana's Head of Operations, Mr. Musah Mohammed Hafiz, and Head of Finance, Mr. Musah Abdul Latif, recently embarked on a significant visit to the company's model farms in the Sankuni community, located in the Yendi municipal.

During their visit, they oversaw the harvesting of Soya, working closely with the Yendi Zone Field Supervisor to ensure a smooth operation. This hands-on approach highlights Farmasyst's commitment to quality control and active involvement in the agricultural processes.

With its extensive network of smallholder farmers, Farmasyst is well-prepared to meet the diverse supply needs of Soya. By leveraging the collective efforts of these farmers, Farmasyst ensures a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality Soya products. With a focus on fostering sustainable partnerships, Farmasyst is poised to meet the demands of clients while simultaneously empowering smallholder farmers and contributing to their economic growth.