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🌾🚜 Farmasyst LTD Faces Harvest Challenges: A Call for Collaboration! 🚜🌾

At Farmasyst LTD, we’ve been hard at work cultivating maize and sorghum model farms but the harvest season brought unexpected hurdles. We found ourselves chasing after four different threshers! Each one failed us, leaving us in a threshing tangle. An experience in the 21st century with precision agriculture?🌾

Opting for a tractor seemed smart but it led to major post-harvest losses. The tractor system ran over our gathered produce, and some sorghum spread all over. 🚜 Climate change was no exception, heavy rains drenched our harvested sorghum in some part of November 2023, causing post-harvest losses. We needed a better solution. β˜”

The women’s group stepped into the winnow and bagged the sorghum and maize, but even they faced challenges. Some precious grains slipped through the cracks. πŸ™Œ

Our doors are open for partners, and donors, as well as collaborators, to arrest the avoidable serial post-harvest losses witnessed across the majority of smallholder and commercial farmers producing cereals (sorghum, maize, soya, millet, etc) around the northern part of Ghana. 🌱 Every grain counts! 🌾