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FarmAsyst Ghana visit the GBC.

During a recent visit, the FarmAsyst team had the privilege of meeting with Prof. Amin Alhassan, the Director General of GBC (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation). The purpose of the meeting was to seek Airtime sponsorship on GTV, and FarmAsyst's request was graciously granted.

The discussions extended beyond sponsorship as Prof. Amin Alhassan expressed a special interest in FarmAsyst, recognizing its vibrant presence in the agricultural sector. With his background in communication and experience in establishing the Faculty of Communication and Agribusiness at UDS (University for Development Studies), Prof. Amin Alhassan expressed his commitment to supporting FarmAsyst's growth.

The FarmAsyst team extends their sincere gratitude to Prof. Amin Alhassan, the Director General of GBC, for his generosity and support. The offer of Airtime sponsorship on GTV presents an incredible opportunity for FarmAsyst to reach a wider audience and showcase its transformative work in the agricultural industry. With Prof. Amin Alhassan's expertise and dedication to both communication and agribusiness, the collaboration holds the potential to foster further growth and success for FarmAsyst, contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector as a whole.